Developing a Spirit of Excellence - 28th October -4th December 2018


Welcome to our new teaching series, Developing a Spirit of Excellence. For six weeks based on the Book of Daniel we are going to explore what it really means to operate in spirit of excellence, in our respective ministry, our worship, our jobs, our home and in our relationships.

If there was ever a time that the world needed the church and the children of God to boldly come to the fore, it’s now. These are difficult times as the nation anxiously awaits a clear direction of travel out of Europe. We are facing a possible winter of discontent as talks of essential service workers striking grows. The fatalities of youth violence in our community continues to rise. This is the context in which we have been called to let our light so shine before men that men that may see our good work and come to glorify our father in heaven. For inspiration, we look to the story of Daniel and his companions in the Hebrew scriptures. Even as an exile in Babylon, Daniel was marked out by his excellent spirit. His was an excellence that went beyond his natural attributes, being determined more than anything by his attitude of heart. The scriptures tell us that although we are like fragile jars of clay, we have this light shining in our hearts, a power that comes from God.

This six week teaching series is not about pursuing professionalism, perfectionism or an obsession with protocols. Rather it is about doing the best we can with the gifts and abilities God gives us and giving our best to the glory of God.

Week 1: Excellence -The Nature of God
Week 2: Excellence and the Power of Purpose
Week 3: Excellence in Ministry
Week 4: Excellence as a Witness
Week 5: Growing in Excellence
Week 6: Celebrating Excellence

Aims and outcomes

The series, Developing an Excellent Spirit will aim to;

  • Encourage us to pursue the character of God as it pertains to his excellence.

  • Raise the bar of excellence in our worship to God, in our service to God’s people and in our mission to the world.
  • Move us in our personal lives from complacency, mediocrity and average to exceptional extraordinary levels of excellence that honours God, builds his church and bring glory to his name.

Our desired outcome

As each member takes responsibility for raising the bar of excellence in their own attitude and
commitment to the matters of Kingdom, NTA Tooting will transition from a good church to great
church and be known abroad for its godly excellence in worship, matters of administration and

What's Happening at NTA Tooting

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