Uprising Young Adults (21+)


To unite, empower and develop 21st century YA leaders who can be released into purpose


To educate young adults holistically-academically and spiritually. Intense regular discipleship programs. To challenge through ministry and community development projects, and develop various strands of the ministry. To network through building relationships, to be relevant and revolutionary in the kingdom.

Who are they?

  • 21-35 year olds
  • Transitional educational / emotional and
  • physical positions
  • Student population
  • Have revolutionised technology and are the
  • largest consumers
  • Highest % of unemployed
  • Married and Single
  • Highest number to leave church

Where are they?

  • ¾ are currently attending church without any
  • real commitment to ministry
  • Some make up the student population and
  • reside at their uni campuses
  • They are on our streets, many remain at home
  • They are in the pews as single mothers and
  • new converts
  • They are starting new businesses

Student Impact Group

Our youth group is tailored for 16 -21 years olds. Children of this age face a lot of peer pressure and our desire is not for them to ignore it but to equip them with the tools they need in order for them to overcome the challenges they face in society.

Our youth members are taught biblical principles and how to conduct themselves as young people we hope to see them grow and become leaders amongst their peers and not mere followers.

We also engage in leisure activities throughout the year such as Youth Camp, sports activities, bowling nights and many other activities.

For more information get in contact via the contact form or chat to a Rev Sharlette Reid on Sunday to find out how to get involved.

Early Morning Prayer Monthly Podcast

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